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Incoming! The Jan '06 BWA goodies
last modified: Wednesday, February 01, 2006 (3:39:51 PM)
They arrived, the Mandarake batch that I have been excited about for a while ^__^

The first thing I wanted to look at was the Memories cel setup, it's looks cool, very nice. Mandy have taken good of it by placing an acetate sheet behind and on top of the cel and a cel bag cutout has been placed between each of the 2 layers to stop any sticking and scratching.
The backgorund appears almost photorealistic and is a deep/purple red.
You'll have to wait another day till I have the chance to scan it then see for yourself ;)

The OP cels I got from Hakkenden and Dangaioh are 'as expected' but the daddy was the batch of Dangaioh settei. They are drawn on 14.5" x 10" sheets which is bigger than I imagined they would be.
I counted 71 original pencil/pen sheets and there are photocopies of most images too.

The drawings are of enemy mecha, weaponary, cockpits, and backgrounds so there are no major characters- this would have pushed the bidding price up to over 200,000y so I'm happy with these.

Just looking at the drawings, it's easy to tell that a professional artist has done them, even with some of the rough sketches. The simple squiggles they put onto paper look dynamic and the proportions are appealing and look elegant.

The finalised mecha designs shown in 1/4 and 3/4 rotation views are amazing- like hanken images; I was shaking with excitiment knowing that they were all hand drawn by Koichi Ohata/Shoji Kawamori/Yasushi Ishizu and perhaps [my anime idol] Masami Obari!

It's difficult to tell exactly who drew them because none are siged and I can't pick out the slight differences in style between the artists. I have a feeling it's mostly Ohata's work.

Yeah I know, everybody's saying SCAN THEM AND LET US SEE!!
All in good time ;) *Mwahh ha haaa*
re: Incoming! The Jan ''06 BWA goodiesWednesday, February 01, 2006 - 3:51:36 PM

Ohhh, sounds drool-worthy :D~ *imagines you shaking with excitment* hehe, so cute. You got a big haul from Mandy, so you better get busy and start scanning very soon!!! *cracks whip* I am especially excited to see the Memories set up. ^_^

shaking with excitement!Wednesday, February 01, 2006 - 4:26:30 PM


I was shaking with excitement just the other day when all my Ichigo genga came in! *_* I know just what you''re talking about.

Those settei sound like a truely awesome find! I think I''d have a nervous breakdown if I ever got a set with that many original pencil/pen sheets! O_O
A hearty congratulations!!!
and a quick HURRY UP AND SCAN THEM!!!
heh heh... I finally got mine all up, so now I can crack the whip! :P

re: Incoming! The Jan ''06 BWA goodiesSaturday, February 04, 2006 - 2:57:57 PM

gorgeous update!!! especially the 2 Hakkenden openings are great ... congratulations ... (^___^) ...