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BWA results- easing nicely into 2006
last modified: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 (12:07:38 PM)
It's time I came up with another cel-based musing and with the close of Mandarake's Big Web Auction of January 2006, what better place to start?

Before I considered registering I browsed the auctions... *meh* "there's nothing I 'really' want", but there were some nice OP cels from The Hakkenden (which I had been outbid on through YJ a few months back), some Dangaioh OP cels and settei and 3 nice setup's from Katsuhiro Otomo's MEMORIES.

My plan was to keep an eye on these, if the value of any of these exceeded my limits, I'd happily leave them be.
First up was one Hakkenden cel with only 1 bid at 1,000yen *Oww* I couldn't let it go for that! I quickly signed up and placed my bid- winning the item for less than I originally bid for it on YJ!

At the same time a Dangaioh OP of Rol Kran was due to finish, I got my bids in and after some counter bidding, won it for a fair price.
A biggie was coming up, a Dangaioh settei set of ORIGINAL drawings, to think that some of these would have been drawn by Masami Oburi himself was quite exciting. I knew they'd be competition since I've been monitoring every Dangaioh cel auction on YJ for over a year and know what the bidding can be like. Having seen an OP cel sell on YJ for 83k last month made me think I was in for no chance with these drawings, but I'd keep an eye out and try all the same.

Got my first bid in, 12,000y, one to 'test the waters' and was soon outbid. 16,500y and I was outbid again with 30mins left till the close. I thought I was out of luck, this was going to go to someone with deep pockets and that wasn't going to be me!
My last bid of 21,000y was placed with 15mins to spare and I left it at that, my limit- I was the current highest bidder.

Now, I wouldn't say that I cheated, but I feel the other bidders were cheated because the Mandy servers went down for 20mins and no-one could refresh the pages or bid.
That was to go in my favour because I eneded up winning the set for under 19k!!

After this I won another Hakkenden OP cel so I was on a roll :)
The next one that took my fancy was the setup from Memories, it had an effects layer[s] as well and looked great, one of the cels which summed up a lot from this segment of the anime.
My bid was placed 24 hours before the auction closed and I won it for 500y under my maximum, the cel gods are being good to me and I appreciate it.

I only wished they could have smiled on Ms Poe the other day when she bid on a Memories cel setup too. She missed out by a whisker, but that leaves more cash for exciting opportunities that are still to come!
Throughout these auctions it's been fun chatting to online friends about the cels and finding out what they've been bidding on.
When everyone bids on different things, it's good to compare that with my own collection and buying habits. I don't believe I'm that crazy at all :P

I have tons more cel news to add but this will do for now- I'll save them for another time ;)
re: BWA results- easing nicely into 2006Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - 12:33:25 PM
Ms. Poe

Congrats on your wins =)! All I can say is look out for the day I''m rich...Cause I will get my Memories cel back from the person who outbid me on it! LOL...

re: BWA results- easing nicely into 2006Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - 12:47:21 PM

Damn lucky son of a gun!! What a haul that’s gonna be! I''m so excited for ya and can''t wait to see your next update! I was tempted on those Hakkendens myself, but the registering fee turned me off, didn''t notice the Settei''s, how many in the set...congrats though, I really can''t wait to see the update!! What a great start to the year!

re: BWA results- easing nicely into 2006Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - 1:50:17 PM

Looking forward to your update, Krafty! I was happy to see your Kite collection finally up & I''m still looking forward to seeing your Champloo stuff too. ^_~

re: BWA results- easing nicely into 2006Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - 2:05:59 PM

0_O woohooo! congratulations on your wins :) Thats going to be a heckuva update for your gallery. Can''t wait to see :D

re: BWA results- easing nicely into 2006Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - 3:13:56 PM

wow ... what a lot!!! ... (O.o) ... congratulation !!! ...
hope to see them all soon in you gallery ... (^_^) ...


re: BWA results- easing nicely into 2006Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - 7:39:15 PM

Wow! What a haul ;) Very nice, can''t wait to see them added to your gallery (you better not make us wait! I''ll beat ya! >:) Isn''t stalking a cel and then bidding exciting? Especially when you''re not sure you''ll win. And what''s even better, winning for less than you imagined. Too sweet! Congrats on the new goodies and the fun retrospective. And if you''re crazy, then you have some great company here. ^__~ Don''t wait so long between blogs, get those mushy feelings out there! hehe