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BWA Haul & Backing off
last modified: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 (2:51:29 PM)
More remarks on this month's cel activities- it's been a rollacoaster!

Mid October, Mandarake's BWA came around and there were several things I liked [as mentioned in the last blurb]. I won 3 items- a set of 20 Otogi Zoushi drawings & backgrounds, two cuts from the hentai series Kisaku and a Wild Cardz cel, now on disply in the gallery.
This last one was a real oddball that came out of nowhere, I simply liked the image and don't know the character or series. It's 'low' price was quite atttractive too and I'm glad I went for it.

That's the thing with Mandarake auctions, you never entirely know what you'll get, especially if it's a group lot but I'm often delighted. When I bid on auctions of this kind, it's best to be a little pessimistic/realistic on what you might receive so there are no disappointments if you get a number of undesirable gengas.
To date, I've been very pleased so I cant complain!

When I won the Kisaku set, I thought to myself, "I've spent too much on just 2 genga sets, it doesn't even feature my fave character(s), I've wasted my money, wish I was outbid..." etc.
HOWEVER the set that arrived was beautiful because it was done on oversized paper- not the regular TV-sized sheets. All the sheets are about 15" x 12" which is massive for 'typical' anime shots.

When I browsed through the OZ set I was plesantly surprised too- there are several FANTASTIC images including a couple of vertical pans I fell in love with from the auction pictures.
Looking at them makes me realise it was money well spent.
You'll have to wait a while before these get scanned and displayed- maybe a year or so (!!) The reson being is that I've now ammassed a large collection of OZ art and it'll take me a while to organise it and rewatch the anime so I can describe the scenes/characters in my descriptions ;)

On a serious note- my Grandad, who's been living with me and my family for 13+ years, died recently. He was fairly old and suffered a number of health problems, he just didn't recover from an operation he had and his heart gave out.
As such, it had been a stressful fortnight and I immersed myself in my computer/cel hobbies more than usual to give me comfort. It had been a distraction to the grief my parents were suffering and I dodn't want to be victim to it.

The bad side to that was spending too much money so this week I've decided to knock all YJ, Ebay and Mandarake auctions on the head till I recover financially.
I've 'survived' 2 full days without bidding on ANYTHING and that's quite impressive for someone who trawls the sites for hours every day.
If I last more than a week I'll be smiling and will use my time to sell more than I buy, and to scan more artwork instead.

When you have a break from things, you can really appreciate what you've got.

Thanks to Marie (Fetish4Minx) for sending a batch of JoJo's Adventure OP setups- that really cheered me up!
Perhpas I should start reciprocating the gratitude by scanning my KITE cels/dougas next week? I know she (among others) is interested to see what I've got...
re: BWA Haul & Backing offTuesday, November 22, 2005 - 3:17:50 PM

Gonna try to stay away a WHOLE WEEK??? *gasp!* heehee! I''ve gone half a year without a purchase before, so you can do it for a week, buddy!! (That''s cuz I didn''t see anything I really liked, so I guess that''s not really a testimony to my willpower, huh! heehee!)

I''m so glad that you BWA haul was pleasing beyond your expectations... how great is that!! Can''t wait to see the oversized sketches, whenever you have the time to get them into your lovely gallery. I''m glad that your cel obsession (and the friends who go with it!) helped you through the difficult time with the loss of your grandpa. I hope each day gets a little better.

Don''t back off toooo far. We''d miss you! ^__^

re: BWA Haul & Backing offTuesday, November 22, 2005 - 8:07:54 PM

First off: I just want to say that your site design/graphics are just totally awesome and amazing! I bow to your greatness!

Secondly: Yeah. You and me both. After I finalize this last order, I''m going to just quit cold turkey until I recover from this last spree. Emphasis on Spree! :P
I know I just bid on and won two YJ auctions, but I''ve really backed off of the auctions. And ''tweren''t easy! Good luck in your attempt! I''ll be commiserating with you! The best way for me is to just not look at all. That way I don''t know what I''m missing out on. ~_^

Time for other hobbies to take over! ^_^

re: BWA Haul & Backing offTuesday, November 22, 2005 - 8:49:58 PM

*hugs* So very sorry to hear about your grandfather''s passing. At least you were near him for so many years. I missed out on a lot of quality time with my extended family (since they all live so far away from me). On the lighter side, I''m looking forward to seeing more of your cel updates. Take care and don''t be a stranger. ^_^