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Welcoming Doom
last modified: Friday, October 14, 2005 (3:32:52 PM)
For the last three years I've looked at Mandarake's Big Auction but never really saw aything I liked. It was all series I don't collect except one of two items.
This is actually a good thing because I'd prefer items from their regular auctions where the bidders don't seem as 'pumped up' to spend big!

This year I scour the entire listings, well about 1500 of them out of 1700+ and I've seen SOME I'd like to get my mits on- Ninja Scroll cel of Kagero in the bamboo forest, a Gowkaizer cel, a few Samurai Champloo and Otogi Zoushi genga/BG sets, Isaku and Kisaku genga sets...
Most people are probably reading this and thinking "Meh, don't know what they are, don't collect them" which is GREAT news for me, now if EVERYONE can just act the same way I'll be laughing *HA HA HA!*
I've already done a deal with one friend over the Gowkaizer cel, I promised not to bid evn though she's such a beauty. That's one down.
Thing is, I officially registered today so I HAVE to bid on stuff regardless of the prices. It's that unwritten rule, that mental reaction that cries "you've paid upfront and come this far, there's no backing down now, you have to bid and win SOMETHING!" heh

Time will tell. If prices go too high, I can calmly sit back and appreciate the beautiful things I acquired through YJ- and paid a LOT less for. That would be my advice for anyone going into these auctions: loosing any of these items isn't the end of the world. [Unless it's a hanken, or major wishlist] :P
re: Welcoming DoomFriday, October 14, 2005 - 4:08:11 PM

I totally agree. Unless it''s a major wishlist--as in the exact cel that you want, it''s really not worth some of the prices. I don''t think I''m even going to register. I''ll just sit back and stroke my computer screen, looking at the cel I won this morning off YJ--the one I won with absolutely *no* competition.

Well, now that you''re registered, at the very least you can make people pay more for the stuff you want. Good luck!! I hope you win something for a reasonable price!!!

re: Welcoming DoomSaturday, October 15, 2005 - 8:32:25 AM

GOWKAISER!!! SAMURAI CHAMPLOO!!! *tex-chan shakes with fangirlish, nervous twitches* I''m actually glad I did not register for the auction --- I already know these would have been too tempting for me to pass up. And, I need to really start saving some money --- too much summer spending!

PS ...Saturday, October 15, 2005 - 8:33:10 AM

Forgot to mention in my previous comment: LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT!!

re: Welcoming DoomSaturday, October 15, 2005 - 8:09:42 PM

Heheh that''s why I''ve refused to sign up..but there are quite a few nice things on there..namely the Ninja Scroll stuff! I certainly hope you pick something up tho and at a good price too!! Don''t spend too much now mate..good luck! ^__^