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Upping the Ante & its Effects
last modified: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 (1:20:31 PM)
It begins with mere admiration for the artwork, you might acquire a few freebies then buy cheap cels. From here the next stage is to purchase more expensive cels, high-end artwork then you find yourself embracing Hankens and original anime art- where will it end? Taking over my own Studio? Now there's a thought... ;)

This is the dizzying situation I've found myself in about now and wonder where to go from here. I don't NEED to buy more, I just have the compulsion to, which is quite frightening.
Weird thing is that I can drink alcohol or smoke tobacco and I don't feel an addiction, I can take it or leave it. Maybe it has no effect because I'm SO into my other hobbies as if they're absorbing all my energies and need for fulfillment.

Notice I said 'hobbies', it's not just cel collecting that I've devoted myelf to but Music and Film also.
In Music, I learnt to play an instrument, bought 1000+ CDs in recent years which I listen to on rotation every day and bought tons of vinyl too as I [used to] DJ in a local club. I still make my own music compilations and go to gigs/meet the bands/keep in touch with record label owners etc. To a similar degree I also wonder "where can I go from here?"

As far as Film goes; I've bought and watched thousands of them, done a Video degree, worked in a few production companies, made my own anime music vids (cleverly combining all three obsessions, heh). Again- "where can I take it from here?"

Heh, don't fret- this ISN'T a 'cry for help', it's just an observation and something I'm steadily trying to work myself out of.

From time to time, I view my passion for these persuits as a bad thing. Bad because it drains my time and money.

Conversely, at the end of the day, as long as I remain a friendly, sincere & honest person, it doesn't matter WHAT I do. My personality hasn't changed for the worse, it's been positive in fact- mostly due to the socialising I do and friends I've made, so I believe THAT'S the most important thing in life.

Hmmm, this rant has become a bit deeper than I anticipated, LOL! [Stop thinking out loud Krafty and get back to the cel scanning] "OK brain".
re: Upping the Ante & its EffectsTuesday, September 13, 2005 - 1:46:56 PM

Where does a hobby go once you''ve gone as far as you can?
A)move on to the next hobby and let this one go (Cels are my fourth hobby).

B)turn it into a self-sustaining interest. i.e. Job.

-Become a cel dealer. Then you can pass millions of cels through your hands and make money. You have the knowledge and the dedication.

I''m not as familiar with film or music industry..but with you gift of words...why not write a small bit weekly in your local paper for the bands that come to town. Or the movies showing in your area. May sound lame...but James, you have a great gift of seeing things in a different light and being able to get your thoughts across on paper. Now, I''m sure writing for your local paper wouldn''t be a huge income...but it''s a next step. And I doubt you''d have to worry about the time investment...because you already have the knowledge and words flow easily from you. Just...don''t think of it as journalism work! LOL think about it as sharing new views (and your views at that)...with a broader base of people. People interested and anxious for that new view.


Hmmm...Tuesday, September 13, 2005 - 8:24:25 PM

I am currently in dementia mode: my step up from addiction. :P
Where do we go from there? Dunno.
But that''s what makes it all so interesting.
As you said, it doesn''t really matter WHAT we do with our allotted time, as long as we enjoy it, and it doesn''t harm others. :D

I''m just here for the ride, dude. ^_^