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A Welcome Victory
last modified: Sunday, July 10, 2005 (10:55:39 AM)
*Hee Hee* I love a happy ending, especially when it means I get anime artwork :P

2 weeks ago I saw a YJ auction for a batch of Hokuto No Ken/Fist of the North Star New OVA series gengas (both copies and originals). The auction was for a fat wad of 300 drawings and I was really excitied because this series had character designs by my fave artist- Junichi Hayama who worked on JoJo's Adenture.

Now, at the time, I saw the auction end was 5 days away. That's what I THOUGHT but it actually said 5 HOURS! I consequently missed the auction, it went for a mere 10,000y and I was kicking myself all week for making such a boob.

To my surprise the auction was relisted a week later as the winning bidder did not go through with the transaction. It begun at the same 5,000y value so I thought I'd be in with a chance!!

Placing my first 7,000y bid a few hours before the end (didn't want to miss out in case we had a power cut or something equally devastating) I was in the lead until the last minutes.
In comes another bidder with a 7,000y bid! Owww, the clock jumps up to 10mins before closing again.
Keep waiting. Keep monitoring...

I'm prepared to bid up to 21,000y on this lot but who knows who else is watching?!

Down to the last minute and it suddenly closes with me as the winner on my bid of 7,000y, less than I saw it sell for last time too- what a result! :D

Perhps the moral of this story is- "good things come to those who wait"; or "you'll get what's coming to you". I must have good karma today ;)

Stay lucky ~Krafty
re: A Welcome VictorySunday, July 10, 2005 - 11:05:03 AM

KRAFTY!!!! *huggles* *glomps* ^_^ Congrats on your awesome win!! :D Ah, I should remember that moral. I''m a very obsessed, impatient fangirl that has an empty wallet right now... ;_;

*hugs* Great job!! \^_^/

re: A Welcome VictorySunday, July 10, 2005 - 11:52:26 AM

YAY KRAFTY!!! I''m so excited about your incredible win. Isn''t it the best when a perfect plan comes together ... or when the cel gods visit good karma upon you? Congrats!! I can''t wait to see the new stuff up in your gallery!

^_^Sunday, July 10, 2005 - 3:47:43 PM

Congratulations!!! That is just simply awesome!!!

...I''m always afraid I''m ''going to get what''s coming'' to me! XD

re: A Welcome VictoryMonday, July 11, 2005 - 10:24:11 AM

Congrats, Krafty!! So glad it worked out to your benefit! Now, if we can just get your good luck working on some Champloo goodies!! ~_^