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Today is the Day For WebLogness! Mon./Jan. 3rd/05
last modified: Monday, January 03, 2005 (6:18:56 PM)
Hey hey! I felt like trying out the weblog so here I am trying it out. If you hadn't noticed. I updated with a link to a music video I made about two years ago called Clash of Power. It took a LONG time to make, and then I had to RE-EDIT it just to make it work better. It features my favorite anime, Dragonball Z and the Goku/Cell fight from the Cell Games. It's kinda big, unless you have any kind of broadband... at 19.3 MEGA BYTES!!!! But, it's worth it. And if you don't agree. Then delete it. lol. But anyway, if you'd like to check it out, the link is

Special Extra Thanks to for hosting it for me.

Oh, and buy DBZ Budokai 3 because it kicks major buttocks.

Nothing else ot really talk about I guess. I really want a Nintendo DS (dual screen). The new handheld from the big N. But I want to wait and check out the Sony PSP when it comes out in March I believe.

Other things to do: (05 mustang = awexome!) or is it .net? try 'em both!
Eat some pancakes
Kick a can
Ask a hot girl out on a date. If your a girl then ask a guy, unless your into that sort of thing.