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So Sorry For the Wait
last modified: Monday, April 03, 2006 (4:45:57 AM)
Hahaha. It's been a long time since I wrote in my blog on here. I said I was gonna update the gallery last time I wrote... due to motivation from my poor heart being broken. Well, I never got around to it. *cough*Lazy*cough*

Anyway. You might have noticed I sold two of my cels. I really want to try to not sell anymore. But I decided to sell those two for two reasons.

1.) Reallionaire seemed to really want that cel I have/had of Cell doing the Kame Hame Ha. The offer was good and I already had another awesome imperfect cell cel, which I have yet to add to the gallery. So I figured I could let that one go. It was cool and all since it was the kamehameha pose, but, the two other imperfect cell cels I have are better. I don't really need three.

2.) I sold the Kaioken because at the time I needed some extra money and I really like the first one I had from the same sequence better anyway. So out it goes!

But worry not folks, probably won't ever sell another again. (I say things like this all the time, lol, don't believe me)

I plan on updating the gallery sometime in this month (April), with some new cels and a surprise as well! But ya know, that's if I get around to it. I switched jobs and I still have a lot of school work to do in-between this little gallery.

Speaking of making you guys wait forever for me to add anything. Today it took me about an hour just to go to three fast food places and get some food. We called in Casa Ole at 7:00 PM CST and headed for Church's Chicken first (where my mom wanted to eat)...

Church's was fast. Like only 10 minutes at the most. So then we go to SubWay. *sigh* It was ridiculous. I'm waiting around forever and the two guys making sandwhiches give absolutely no indication they notice me or the seven other people in line. So they finally go to take people's orders and completely skip me... I let that go and just went ahead and let the lady they were taking the order from take her order. So she does. Since there are TWO of them and I just saw the other one take the guy in front of me's order... I figured one of 'em would get me. But they skip me again. The county sheriff happened to be behind me in line so I had to cut him off and say "Hey! You guys skipped me twice!" The cop was all apologetic, as was the lady I let cut in front of me and the two guys working. But all in all... took about 30 minutes to get that done.

So THEN we go to Casa Ole. It's been like 40 minutes already right? No possible way an order we called in that long ago, that they said would take 10-15 minutes... isn't ready. Right? WRONG! Pretty much spent about 20 minutes in Casa Ole with a handful of others who called in an hour or so ago... waiting on our food. Which should have already been ready. And they weren't even that busy. What did the lady say to me when she haded me my Chicken Fajitas for One? "So Sorry For the Wait."

... which is exactly what gave me the idea for the title of this blog entry. And I am sorry it's been so long without a good update of cels. My scanner sucks, so maybe I'll get a new one for the new update and give you guys quality scans instead of cropped photographs.

Update THIS MONTH! Keep your eyes peeled. Actually, don't. That sounds painful.