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I'm Back & This Time With New Cels!!
last modified: Monday, October 17, 2005 (9:22:35 PM)
Hurricane is over and I survived. I've talked about what happened so many times now I don't really want to type it all again! lol. But in short, we didn't suffer any real damage and my cels survived.

A tree fell on my truck but only scratched it up. We were out of power for two weeks and without cable for nearly a month. That meant no broadband internet either!

Thankfully it's returning to normal around here... almost. Anyway, the big update has been postponed but I did scan and upload two new cels finally. Check 'em out. The big updat with ALL my new cels is yet to come. Once again these are photographs and not scans because my scanner currently sucks. I will be getting a new one for the big update.

Also, other big news... I've decided to move my gallery primarily to my own site and domain. So I'm designing an HTML site as we speak. The big update will co-incide with the opening of that gallery with, hopefully, good scans of all the cels. Lots of really cool rare stuff to show you guys! I'm only tease'n right now!

Anyway... hope somebody out there likes the new cels! Keep watching and I'll try to provide you with a better update next time!