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Stay Tuned!!
last modified: Saturday, July 30, 2005 (2:08:42 AM)
Ok, a few changes. First of all I re-named the blog to "The B.O. Blog" You can be cute and call it the "bow blog" if you like, I don't care. lol. Also, I plan on taking down the Dead Cels category soon when I update the site with new cels. So press that print screen button or go find where they are now if you want to continue looking at them! :)

Anyway. Guess what I did! I went to see a Houston Astros game today. Spent the whole day at the Galleria, a huge mall in Houston, and the rest of the night at the game. Carlos Beltran, a former Astro, got boo'd to no end when he showed up batting for the Mets. Mu-hahaha. And YES, I joined in on the booing!

The Mets lost and the final score was 5-3 I believe. Overall a great night and a fun time. I'm going to another game Sunday hopefully to do it all over again. Yes, the booing, the buying overpriced food ($9 for a hot dog and a drink - COME ON!), the sweet taste of victory as the Mets walk away defeated. All over again!!

Yup, Beltran should have stayed with the Astros. Too bad. Guess he was tired of being a WINNER! Ha. Anyway.

Yeah yeah, Mets are a good team... but gotta show some home team spirit!

Well I promise that when I receive all my new cels I will update the site. Until then just stay tuned and hopefully these blog entries will tide you over and stuff. Maybe I'll start putting pictures of these events on here. I forgot to take any at the game, if I go again Sunday I'll post some maybe.

Well... good night folks! I'm going to sleep.
re: Stay Tuned!!Saturday, July 30, 2005 - 3:16:58 AM

Yup, I knew the ''stros would come around. I see them getting to the playoffs again this year. Nothin like a day at the ballpark!