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Another Blog Entry
last modified: Friday, July 22, 2005 (5:15:38 PM)
Well guess what fellas. I put up a link to past layouts that used to be on the site. Cool eh? Through the magic of the wayback time machine that allows you to view pages archived on the internet and photoshop, I recreated them. That's pretty much waht they looked like, it's kind of like a screenshot of the site at the moment in time.

Also. I fixed some inapropriately labeled stuff and broken links. Seems I'm back in the cel game. Too bad I had to sell some of my old cels that were pretty cool. Ah well.

I should have a few new cels coming I hope. Working out a deal that I hope goes thorugh.

I'm kind of pissed that I lost a cel on Mandy. Whoever won that Gohan. Sleep with one eye open my friend. :)

Anyway. That's another blog entry.