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last modified: Friday, August 01, 2008 (7:58:58 AM)
Well, what with all the sad news up here these days, I am hesitant to post my fantastic good news for fear it will look like I'm thumbing my nose at others.
But I'm not. It's just.
Such a fantastic story, I have to share. ^_^

I've said it before, I'll say it again: My cel buds are the bestest. Ever.

I didn't get to go to AX this year, but once again, my friends managed to snag a wonderful piece of Ichigo art for me. Once I get this whole scanner thing figured out (scanner isn't talking to the computer anymore, gotta scan to another computer, use some different software to edit, then transfer to another computer...) I'll get things scanned in and hopefully get caught UP. O_o I'm soooo far behind.

But even that's not the best news.
Not by a long shot.

A friend at work informed me that certain theaters were going to show the Bleach movie: Memories of Nobody. A couple nights only. I made sure I saw it. (Go figure)

Even that's not the best news.
Not by an even longer shot.

Before the movie, there was a bit of behind the scenes stuff on voice actors and such. But the crux was - Kubo Tite announcing he would be at Comic Con in San Diego about a month from the time I was seeing that.
His first ever appearance in North America.
Holy Crap.
I said then, I Need to Find a Way There.

JWR let me crash with him and his wife. *_* They put up with me being strung out after such a long flight, fed me, led me around... it was great!
But then, Joe convinced another friend, Dave of Nichibei Anime (Lord, I'm forever in his debt!)to help me get a ticket for a personalized autograph from Kubo Tite!!!! *faint*
I was such a nutcase, when I got up to the front of the line to get the ticket, and they asked me what name I wanted Kubo to make the autograph for... I couldn't think fast enough! aernath? Leah? I had to have them look at my badge to get my name. XD

And, and....!
Yeah, not the best yet!

I took my Ichigo stained glass with me. ~_^
When I finally got to the front of the line to get Kubo's autograph, he was there with his interpreter from Viz.
While he was signing, I pulled out the stained glass and tilted it up for him to see.
Me: Omake-des.
Interpreter: You MADE it?!
Me: Yes.
Interpreter: Is present?!
Me: Yes.
*I lay the piece back down and pass it to Kubo*
Kubo: *small head bow* Arigato.
Me: *___* Arigato!

It's taken me a week to get over the jetlag and start to come down from the sheer high.
heh heh

Yeah, yeah, as soon as I get the darned scanner thing figured out, I'll get things scanned IN!

In the meantime, my cel buds are the BEST.

(Oh yeah, and I also got into the Bleach panel (Kubo Tite interview), but Viz didn't allow any photographs, pictures, or video of any kind. Poop. I had my camera all ready to go too.)
I also took my Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo (Kyouzou) dolls with me all dressed up in their shinigami outfits, but didn't have time to show them to Kubo. Just enough time to hand off the glass.

But anyway...
And awesome.
Okay, maybe it will be another week before I'm completely down from the high. XD
re: Holy GrailFriday, August 01, 2008 - 8:24:47 AM

That''s awesome, Leah! What an incredible con experience. The closest thing I have to that is Jonny Yong Bosch thanking me for asking him to sign my Trigun DVD and not any Mighty Morphin Power Ranger memorabilia. Can''t wait to see your memento!

re: Holy GrailFriday, August 01, 2008 - 9:50:30 AM

Hey, gd news are alwaz welcomed! I''m so envious that you met Kubo did he look like? I would be speechless to if I were to meet him. Be sure to show us his autograph! ^^

re: Holy GrailFriday, August 01, 2008 - 10:13:22 AM

That''s wonderful, Leah! I''m so glad you were able to go to Comic-con and have the time of your life!!

re: Holy GrailFriday, August 01, 2008 - 10:44:34 AM

I''m so happy for you that you were able to get to meet Kubo. It''s great that you have such great cel buddies that helped you to get the ticket. ^_^
I would of loved going but real life kept me from going to comic con (even AX) this year. :( Especially with Kubo being at Comic con it was hard not being able to go. T T
I''m glad you were able to have such a blast. *hugs*

re: Holy GrailFriday, August 01, 2008 - 11:39:35 AM

Wow. That sounds like the BEST WEEK EVER.

Considering how many people complain about the cel community, I know that I''ve met some great people. Your story is a shining example of how many of us manage to get along just fine. :)

re: Holy GrailFriday, August 01, 2008 - 1:00:58 PM


re: Holy GrailFriday, August 01, 2008 - 2:00:22 PM

In the words of Renji Abarai: "I''m so jealous, I''m getting pissed!" ;) How awesome for you! Congrats on an amazing experience. I hope you get to meet him again some time.

re: Holy GrailFriday, August 01, 2008 - 4:04:50 PM

Wow Leah! It sounds like a truly amazing experience! It must have been so cool to give Kubo the stained glass Ichigo! Awesome! Thanks for sharing such an uplifting story. *hugs!*

re: Holy GrailSaturday, August 02, 2008 - 12:16:29 AM

I am SO glad you got to go! So very cool!! Although the selfish side of me wishes you had been able to go to AX too. XD I forgot to mention it in my comment on DoA but. . . it''s probably a good thing you didn''t show Kubo sensei Ichi and Kyou. . . he might have thought they were more presents! *lol*

re: Holy GrailSaturday, August 02, 2008 - 2:00:40 AM

i cant wait to see what you got signed from him.

do you have a pic of the stained glass piece you gave him? was wondering.

bet your never coming off the high your on from meeting him. yes, cel buddies are great.

re: Holy GrailTuesday, August 05, 2008 - 4:24:13 PM

THAT''S SO COOL!!! Congats on getting to meet KT! Can''t wait to see what you had him sign. .... ;)

re: Holy GrailThursday, August 07, 2008 - 4:52:33 PM


I left a comment here, but it didn''t go through. :(

Anyway, glad that you were able to see Kubo Tite without getting arrested for over-zealous fangirling. XD

Can''t wait to see what you''ve got to scan for us. ^_^

Oh, btw, I friended you on LJ. Ya know, just in case you were wondering who the heck blndpetrcruzatte is. Someone else took klet already. :(

WAHAHAHA!!Thursday, August 07, 2008 - 7:55:19 PM

LJ?? I haven''t been on that thing in... um... probably over a year. ^^;;

Kira: It''s the Ichigo stained glass in my stained glass section in here. ^_^

And, I may just have to take pictures of everything and post them that way. *sigh*

re: Holy GrailThursday, September 11, 2008 - 11:41:44 PM

Wow it''s been an Ichigo dream come true for you lately! Your so lucky! It''s good to hear wonderful news with so much bad stuff going around! I''m imaging myself in your place and find myself just as awed as to what has happened! Don''t worry about being nervous I was really nervous when I had the creator of Chrono Crusade sign one of my CC reliezu(sp?) so I know exactly what kind of rush mixed with anxiety and frustration it must have been for you! I wish for more good things to come your way!