Anime Beta Annual Cel Contest 2016

Hi All!

It's that time of year again! And also the time of year to start suggesting new categories and yanking old ones! So let's get the discussion started!

Turn out for last year was pretty awesome-sauce for the Cel Awards! Let's see if we can top the Cel contest from 2015! So I will be doing everything the same way I did for all the contests I have run. All voting will be through Survey Monkey, and entries will be sent directly to the contest e-mail which me and the Site Creator Nowherekid85 (Tarakatsuki) Will both have access to, we will both be putting the entries up separately as time permits so we will be counting on everyone to double check their entries when the sites get posted during the viewing period!

As with previous years, I will still need a volunteer for the Awards Creator Position, and Site Tester. Awards creator will have two weeks to put together the awards after I have calculated the results from the surveys with the help of the Cel Awards Team. Site Tester will basically be the first person to make sure the sites are all working and that we didn't miss any entries before we go live they will need to be available the day before and the day after the site goes live for the viewing period for a few hours to make sure the Survey Sites match the RS Contest site.

Awards Creator - Brandon_T
Site Creator - Nowherekid85
Site Tester

(C) = Cel (H) = Hanken (MC) = Model Cel (O) = Other (P) = Painting (R) = Rilezu (SH) = Full Color Shikishi

Accessory - Emphasis on what the character is holding, using, swinging, playing, aiming. (C, R, SH)
Action - Scenes of action, movement, motion. (C, R, SH)
Background - No characters allowed. (C, P, R, SH)
Bliss - Dreamy, joyful, heavenly, euphoric. (C, R, SH)
Blood on the Ground - Characters on the verge of death, or those that really are gravely injured, dying, or dead. (C, R, SH)
Chibi/Superdeformed - Characters drawn in a semi-deformed, comical style (C, R, SH)
Femininity - Delicacy, gentleness, maidenly (C, R, SH)
Fight - The grudge matches that we all know and love! (C, R, SH)
Tomboys - For all those lovely ladies that are redefining what it means to be a woman! (C, R, SH)
Funny - Laugh out loud moments. (C, R, SH)
FURRIES (have a cel of a furry friend? A dog, a cat, a cabbit, a catgirl/boy? a Kero..... you know ANYTHING with fur) (C, R, SH)
Group - Art of two or more characters. (C, R, SH)
Grumpy - The Grouches aka Resting Bitch Face... (C, R, SH)
Hanken - Art used for merchandise or other non-production special circumstances. Hankens are not allowed in any other category except hentai. (C, H, P, O)
Heroic - White knight saves the day. (C, R, SH)
Itadakimasu! (Our favorite characters stuffing their faces with deliciousness) (C, R, SH)
Love - Kissing, hugging, cuddling, any displays of affection, innocent or physical – just not explicit. (C, R, SH)
Muscles - Beef, brawn flesh, sinew, tendon. (C, R, SH)
Bishonen - Young men whose beauty (and sex appeal) transcends the boundary of gender. (C, R, SH)
Mech and Tech - Robots, vehicles, ships, cars, gundams, Oh MY! (C, R, SH)
Monochrome/Weird Coloring - Those scenes that require you to see the world through a different lense... Must be oddly colored, black and white, or shades of all the same color. (C, R, SH)
Outfit - Best dressed, emphasis on clothes and costumes. (C, R, SH)
Rage - Mad, angry, extreme agitation. (C, R, SH)
Shocked - Stunned, horrified, utter dismay. (C, R, SH)
Sorrow - Tear-jerkers, sadness. (C, R, SH)
Tranquility - Characters who have found inner peace or a welcome opportunity to unwind. (C, R, SH)
OP/ED/Eyecatch – Cels used only in these special animated sequences. These cels are not allowed in any other category. (C, R)
Villainy! - Love evil things? Show off your Villainesses and Villains, only requirement is they must be irredeemably evil! (C, R, SH)

OPTIONAL - Eyes on Me, Anime Eyes, love them hate them, they must be the focus of the cel. (C, R, SH)
OPTIONAL - Novel Set-Up - Cel or cels with an UNMATCHING background that creates an original image. The background must be an original production item (not photocopied or Photoshopped). (C, R, SH)
OPTIONAL - Hentai/Yaoi/Yuri - The risque genres, nudity not a requirement however it must be from a Hentai, Yaoi, or Yuri anime with a higher maturity rating! (C, R, SH)
OPTIONAL - POSTERIORS - the Backs of anime in a non sexual way. (do you have a cel of someone's butt?, the back of their head? the back of their knees? do you feel it is not appreciated because it's someones back, this is the category for you!) (C, R, SH)
OPTIONAL - Fan Cel - Back by popular demand! A cel produced by someone not in the industry, must be fan made could be done by yourself or any fan artist! (C, R, SH)
OPTIONAL - Model Cel - Requested Test category... The cels used to model your favorite characters for the Cel Painters! (MC)
OPTIONAL - Sexy - Male, Female... Whatever! Whatever gets your motors revving! This I know is a highly subjective category we shall test it out and see how it goes! (C, R, SH)


1.) You must be a registered member of Anime-Beta by the start of the submission process.
2.) You must physically own all artwork that you submit. You may not submit artwork which has been sold, or for which a sale is pending. Submitted artwork does not have to be posted in your online gallery.
3.) Submitted artwork may not include watermarks or any other type of 'tag' that could affiliate it with a gallery or owner.
4.) If you submit artwork for consideration in this contest, you must vote for all categories. The only exceptions are the optional categories (animated, hentai, settei). These categories are both optional to vote in and optional to submit artwork to. However, you submit artwork to an optional category, you must vote in that category.
5.) Even if you do not submit artwork, you may still vote in any or all of the categories.


1.) Participants are eligible to enter the contest in 9 standard categories and 3 optional categories, for a total of 12 pieces of artwork submitted.
2.) While a participant may choose to enter 12 pieces of artwork, you are not required to submit twelve items. You may enter fewer items.
3.) In order to cut down on bandwidth usage, please limit your entries to less than 1 MB in size a good rule of thumb is if it doesn't upload to RS it will not upload for the contest!
4.) Artwork which was previously entered into the Anime-Beta Awards is eligible for re-entry, provided that the winning piece has changed owners. If you choose to submit a previous winning piece, you must e-mail the contest coordinator before submitting it. This way, the organizer knows the piece has changed owners and that it is a qualified entry. If you do not e-mail the coordinator, your entry will be disqualified. Please check previous awards websites carefully.
5.) Sequence mates of previous winners will be allowed if there is a substantial difference between the two. Please inform the contest coordinator which piece you are submitting a sequence mate of. You may not submit a sequence mate if you also own the previous winning piece.
6.) Sequence mates in the same category are not permitted. Whoever submits the artwork first will be given a spot in that category. If you submit a sequence mate to an item that is already in a category, you will have the chance to re-submit another item in lieu of the repeated piece.
7.) If a category has only four entries, only #1 and #2 awards will be given. If a category has only three entries, only a #1 award will be given. Categories with fewer than three entries 24 hours before the beginning of voting will be eliminated. Contestants will have the chance to re-submit artwork to another category.
8.) Modification and/or enhancement of images is not permitted. The only exception is for oversized images requiring multiple scans. You may piece these scans together to make a complete image.
9.) When there are tie votes, awards will be given in the following ways:
two #1, no #2, one #3
one #1, two #2, no #3
one #1, one #2, two #3
two #1, two #3.


October 1-31 - Submit Entries
November 1-5 - Viewing Period
November 6-30 - Voting Period
December 14 - Winners Announced!

How entries are submitted:

E-mail them to abcelawards2015 at

And include with each entry the following:

1. Your Beta User ID
2. What Category you are submitting to.
3. Character Name
4. Anime

Keep in mind the most recent Anime TV Show I have watched is Puella Madoka Magica, so I can basically figure out SM/DBZ and some other old school animes however I am not familiar at all with the newer shows. So make this easy on me please label everything as asked! Everyone that has ever run these things knows they are a time suck so the faster I can get done with admin tasks the smoother this will go.


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Okay added the new categories we talked about on Beta I start accepting entries tomorrow!!! Make sure you follow submittal instructions!
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Bump! NOW ACCEPTING ENTRIES!!! Don't forget to follow submittal instructions!
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