Should RS curators be able to use their galleries as sales sites?

In my capacity as Anime-Beta moderator/admin-in-waiting, I recently received a query about the appropriateness of using one's Rubberslug gallery as a sales site. An observant Betarian had noticed a growing number of sites that were doing this openly or more-or-less openly, and asked if this was still considered an inappropriate use of the Rubberslug platform, which has its own sales app, though this has become less used over time and increasing difficult to browse.

I checked with Jason, who suggested that I raise the issue with a broader group of collectors who were still active and committed to the RS community. He does not have a strong position now on either side, for the site is being maintained not for his own profit but for the benefit of the collectors who use it.

But I do recall that in past years this was considered an iffy practice, particularly as private sales do not come with the protections that sales made through eBay or other such sites typically provide. Hence the possibility that RS could gain a reputation for less-than-honest transactions. I see that the "Ban thread" is a lengthy one that calls out a number of sites for violating this policy.

So -- what think? Should such sites continue to be banned? Explain your position. I know that Jason will take your opinions seriously, and will do what's best for everyone.
Sensei's Anime Gallery
Jul 15 at 9:47 PM
The Market page should be taken down if art is allowed to be individually priced within the gallery, if it's difficult to browse, and/or if Rubberslug doesn't want a reputation for transactions. I don't think just mentioning that the art is for sale is wrong.
Jul 16 at 3:44 PM
I dislike it when a gallery pops up for the sole purpose of selling stuff. I've seen that a lot recently. I'm fine with regular members selling some or all of their collection, but I feel like you should actually establish a collection on RS before selling it outright.

That's just my opinion, and I can understand if people disagree with me.
Black Mirror
Jul 17 at 11:38 AM
In my recent attempt to trim down my collection I would only list on ebay and give a shout out on Beta. I don't think it's fair to use Jason's site as a place to sell unless you make the requisite donation to submit sales to the market place. Sales isn't the original intent of Rubberslug.
Oni Hime's Palace of Delights
Jul 17 at 8:28 PM
im concered it will just become a sales hub
Tori's Cels
Jul 18 at 1:02 PM
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