Searching for Saint Seiya Genga/Douga

I'm searching for Scorpio Milo and Aquarius Camus genga/douga ONLY.

Please, contact me if you have something to sell.
The Promised Land
Nov 15 at 2:16 PM
Up and edit.

Now I'm searching for Scorpio Milo and Polaris Hilda only.

Thanks again.
The Promised Land
Jul 12 at 5:20 AM
Up and edit, again.

Now I'm focused on Scorpio Milo, Polaris (good) Hilda and missing Gold Saints and God Warriors (please, take a look at my gallery for the missing pieces). Always dougas and gengas only.

Some of my pieces are possibly opened to exchanges for the sketches I need.

Edited Mar 20 at 11:05 AM
The Promised Land
Mar 20 at 9:27 AM
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