In Need Of A Correction Layer

Hey guys,

I recently purchased a beautiful cel from Akira that has been framed for the past 20 years. However, there is some pretty major traceline fading on it I guess due to the way it was framed. I'd like to reframe it with archival purposes in mind and I was thinking about getting the cel restored but I'm not really sure I could pull the trigger on something like that.

It seems that the next best option would be to find somebody who can make a correction layer for the tracelines. I guess it would just be a layer of acetate that sits on top with the tracelines on it.

Does anybody know anybody who can do this and what would be involved?



edit: I guess I'll also tack this on here so I don't have to throw it out there in another topic... but if anybody has any nice Akira cels they want to sell, hit me up! Thanks!
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Oct 02 at 12:49 PM
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